Here is how I see the basic problem today:  

We human beings are habituated to fear, and our negative experiences are more potent than our positive experiences.   Thus, the natural flow of our lives has become disrupted, and we squander our energy focusing on our fear.  This leaves us depleted, disconnected and devoid of our creative abilities.  This is not the way it's supposed to be, folks!  We are capable of way more!

Would you like to reverse the negative spiral of depression, anxiety and relationship dysfunction? It's easier than you think to start living in the direction of more positive energy, fulfilling life experiences, and full-on creativity.   I'd love to help you learn organic tools to:

I have been to several therapists and this is the first time I learned something applicable, something that was easy to use in my daily life.
— Liz, Austin
  • Improve and sustain your energy and vitality levels 

  • Enjoy genuine loving relationships

  • Learn to really love yourself

  • End the recycling of your central repeating patterns

  • Create new patterns which support and sustain you

  • Manifest the life you most desire and were born to live